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Wear These Socks To Sleep And Watch What Happens Overnight

Written by Dr. Foster
Published on May 06, 2024

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Reports of a strange trend have been making waves in certain online circles with a reported million Americans taking part.

Millions of Americans suffering from foot issues such as plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, swollen legs and feet, and aching soles have turned to an unlikely hero. Folks have described this trendy new lifehack as,

“The only method that actually helped heal my plantar fasciitis”


“Weird, but effective at dealing with swollen and painful feet.”

So what exactly is going on?

Millions of Americans have suddenly decided to wear socks to sleep…

But there’s a twist.

If it were just ‘regular’ socks, then this story would end right here.

No, the secret to this new lifehack is a uniquely formulated pair of socks designed to combat all kinds of foot pain and swollen feet.

They are the Pewox Ankle Compression Socks.


If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, lead an athletic lifestyle, are seeking to lose weight, or are an older American, this just might be the most important thing you read today.

These new socks utilize a freshly patented military and medical-grade compression technology that has never before been available for consumers.

Thanks to this new technology called “Omni-compression”, people from all walks of life– young or old, male or female, active or inactive– have been given a second wind to start living their lives again.

They’ve said goodbye to plantar fasciitis, frequent foot pains, unbearably itchy and swollen ankles, weak arches, and swollen feets.


So what’s the secret sauce?

At its core, it’s all thanks to the patented “omni-compression” technology.

This previously military-exclusive technology promotes increased blood flow and circulation that results in de-oxygenated blood cells and toxins being carried away, while bringing in new, healthy blood back into the foot.

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Why is this new lifehack so popular?

Well, Peowx Ankle Compression Socks and its omni-compression technology isn’t BRAND NEW, strictly speaking.

For years, this technology has been in use by the military.

After hours of training, field exercises, and actual field operations… Soldiers would wear these socks before going to sleep, promoting recovery in their legs and feet.

This technology eventually made its way to hospitals, playing a crucial role in helping patients recover from surgeries while also treating bedridden patients.


But the reason why this technology has never seen wide civilian-adoption is because compression technology of this magnitude has historically been extremely expensive to manufacture… that is, until now.

After investing millions of dollars on research and development, a company by the name of Pewox made breakthrough discoveries to drastically bring down the cost of production.

And thanks to them, their revolutionary sock is now powered by the latest military and medical-grade compression technology and have finally been made available to the public.


But that’s not all

Let me tell you, beyond what's been mentioned before, Pewox's ankle compression socks boast a plethora of unique advantages, which is precisely why it stands out among other brands.

1. Pewox comes from a luxury supply chain, offering standards even higher than luxury brands.

2. They extract environmentally friendly materials from the ocean, ensuring sustainability and reducing the environmental footprint.

3. Unlike other luxury brands where we'd pay a premium for similar quality, we can enjoy international brand quality with Pewox socks at just a fraction of the cost – for only one-tenth of the price.

4. Pewox’s fabric craftsmanship is proved to be meticulously detailed, surpassing even that of luxury brands. Each stitch and weave is carefully crafted to provide optimal compression and comfort, ensuring durability and support for your feet.


5. With textiles developed through cutting-edge technology researched in European national-level laboratories, Pewox stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the compression wear market.


6. Pewox meticulously selects premium cotton through 2000 hours of sunlight exposure, ensuring each fiber is infused with the warmth of the sun.


7. The original yarn construction provides a cool, breathable experience, keeping wearers comfortably away from stifling heat.

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8. With a 9A antibacterial rating, Pewox garments offer added protection against microbial growth, maintaining freshness wear after wear.


9. Moreover, Pewox employs a cutting-edge -34℃ liquid ammonia cold extraction process, resulting in a cloud-like softness that resists wrinkles, deformation, and shrinkage. After sublimation with a high-grade liquid ammonia machine, the fabric becomes as moist and elastic as baby skin.

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Plus, one of the main reasons why Pewox Socks blew up so much is thanks to ONE simple feature:

Pewox Socks heals your feet overnight.

Since you really only need to wear Pewox Socks at night, they don’t impede your everyday life.

They’ll get your feet feeling like new for the next day, and it’s basically like giving your feet a continuous massage all throughout the sleeping hours.It uses an easy-breathe material so that your feet won’t overheat and also has an opening for your toes, ensuring that you won’t wake up in the middle of the night due to hot feet.

You also won’t have to deal with sweat build-up and messy clean-ups.

The massaging sensation, similar to that of a foot massage, has the added benefit of helping you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and get better quality sleep.

There are no other products available to the public that can match Pewox Socks’ effectiveness and comfort.

And ever since they’ve gone public with their product, millions of Americans have adopted this trend like wildfire.

With so many people using it, happy customers have developed new ways ways to use Pewox Socks, calling it the best life hack of 2024.

Here are just a few ways people are turning Pewox Socks into their own life hacks…


Life Hack #1: Seniors Turn Back The Clock On Aging Feet

Dan E, a 68 year old man, talks about how Pewox Socks helped his foot pain and eventually helped him run a marathon.

He states, “My feet had started to swell, and there was a sharp pain riding up my leg. Both my heels felt tight and anytime I tried to take a step, that sharp pain would whip out like a crack of lightning from my heels” and that “I could barely get around without any assistance, and I was forced to stop running.”

But after using Pewox Socks, he not only felt healthy enough to train again, but he actually managed to finish a marathon!


Life Hack #2: A Dancer's Secret to Keeping Limber


Diana M, a passionate dancer, often found herself grappling with soreness and swelling in her legs after intense dance sessions.For hours post-practice, she would endure discomfort, hindering her ability to fully enjoy her passion for movement.

"Dancers understand that our legs bear the brunt of our artistry. The swelling and discomfort were just part of the package, or so I thought," Diana shared.

Fortunately, one of her fellow dancers recommended Pewox Socks after stumbling upon them online.

"I've tried compression socks before, but Pewox Socks were different," Diana noted. "Within an hour of wearing them, my feet felt rejuvenated. And the next day, I was back in the studio, my legs feeling light and ready to dance!"

Diana soon discovered that she wasn't alone in her admiration for Pewox Socks. Dancers worldwide rely on them for unparalleled support and recovery, ensuring they can continue to pursue their passion without the hindrance of soreness or swelling.


Life Hack #3: A Prenatal Dream For Swollen Feet

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Jenna K, a 29 year old woman, was 6 months pregnant with her first child when she started getting swelling in the legs.

“It hurt. A lot. My legs just felt really heavy all the time and they had ballooned up to a ridiculous size. I looked online and many people also had the same problem. I saw a recommendation for Pewox Socks, so I bought a pair.”

The human body produces nearly 50% more body fluid when pregnant, so swelling ends up being a common condition that can lead to pain or discomfort.

Compression therapy can be used during pregnancy to prevent tension and heaviness in the legs.

In particular, wearing compression socks during pregnancy can help with discomfort and promote better blood circulation in the legs.

“I feel like it took a little while for Pewox Socks to REALLY kick in, but within the week, I was feeling much better. Maybe that just showed how crazy the swelling had gotten. I haven’t stopped using Pewox Socks, and I don’t plan to. The swelling and the pain was driving me bonkers!”


Life Hack #4: Best Travel Hack To Make Long Flights More Comfortable

“When you fly as much as I do, you pick up a few trips. My job doesn’t exactly pay for first class tickets, all expenses paid. I used to spend hours cramped in coach and I would slowly untangle myself before finally getting up. It sucked.”

Long flights and cramped spaces are a recipe for stiff muscles and swollen feet. It’s not so bad a few times, but if you’re a frequent flier, you’re bound to develop some sort of muscle-related issue.

“The biggest problem was finally landing and discovering that my ankles had swollen to twice the normal size. It would even hurt to walk to baggage claim.”

“So when I found Pewox Socks, I gave them a try. I’d put them on before getting on the plane, and I’d fall asleep like a baby. Then when I woke up, I’d saunter on out without any cramping, swelling, or aching. It’s absolutely the best.”


Life Hack #5: These Socks Are Godsend For Neuropathy


Claire T, a 56-year-old woman battling diabetes, shares her journey with Pewox Socks in managing her diabetic neuropathy.

"Diabetes has been a part of my family history, and despite my efforts, I couldn't escape it. When the inexplicable pain started creeping into my feet, I knew something was wrong."

Claire sought medical help and received a diagnosis of neuropathy, a condition where nerve damage from diabetes causes discomfort and pain in the feet.

"The pain became unbearable within days. I couldn't even imagine taking a step without wincing. That's when my doctor recommended Pewox Ankle Compression Socks for nighttime wear."

"Remarkably, within just a few days, I noticed a significant reduction in pain throughout the day. And within a week, it vanished entirely. I was astounded by the effectiveness of these socks and grateful for the relief they provided."


Life Hack #6: A Sure-Fire Way To Make Plantar Fasciitis A Thing Of The Past

Glenn N, a 34 year old construction worker in Kentucky, suffers from a recurring pain in his soles and ankles.

“It was hard to even get around and I was almost fired from my job because I was slowing down too much and taking too many sick days.”

Desperate, Glenn visited a family physician who diagnosed him with plantar fasciitis.

“The doc also told me about Pewox Socks and how it was getting popular online. So I bought a pair and tried them that night. The next morning, I was feeling amazing!”

“And after a week, it felt like I was back to normal again. The plantar fasciitis was gone and I feel like I got my life back! No more pain, no more slow work, and no more sick days.”


Life Hack #7: Wear Them After Surgery Or Being Bedridden For Prolonged Periods Of Time

“We’ll often keep patients in these Pewox Socks socks, of course they used to be called something different before. And we’ll prescribe it to those who might need physical therapy after being bedridden for long periods of time,” said Dr. Yates.

The chance of developing painful, dangerous blood clots in the legs goes up drastically after surgery, and it also goes up if you’re confined to your bed.

“These socks help prevent clots and can improve blood flow in the legs. This reduces the risk of clotting while you aren’t as active as usual.”


Life Hack #8: Say Goodbye To Vericose and Spider Veins 

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Vein-related problems are becoming one of the more common conditions affecting Americans today. About 40 percent of the US population may be affected by chronic venous insufficiency, a condition that can lead to more serious issues such as varicose veins.

An anonymous survey of online users who use Pewox Socks revealed that nearly 15% of users suffer from Chronic Venous Insufficiency. Surveyed users have said,

“I use Pewox Socks to help with my spider veins. Before I started using it, standing on my feet all day would result in my legs starting to feel really heavy and my ankles swell up like crazy. Of course, I don’t have that problem anymore.”

“My doctor said I had chronic venous insufficiency, which is why I get varicose veins so often when I run. He recommended Pewox Socks and they’ve been great. Unexpectedly, they’ve also made night cramps go away, so that’s been awesome.”


This was good and all, but what did others have to say about Pewox Socks?

I searched all over social media and looked for reviews on the internet…



With how popular it was, naturally, I had to try it myself

Having interviewed so many people and having done so much research, I wanted to get in on the fun for myself.

And I wanted to tackle the following points that users were using Pewox Socks for:

✅(Diabetic) neuropathy/general foot pain
✅Plantar fasciitis
✅Pregnancy swelling
✅Legitimate plane flying hack?

My family is genetically predisposed towards diabetes, and my dad has been the most recent name crossed off from the roster of “who’s next?”

I learned about this trend while looking for a way to treat my plantar fasciitis at home (I like to play tennis on the weekends and the foot pain was really cramping my style).

And while researching, I found Pewox Socks. And as it turns out, there were a few things I read that made me think “oh maybe that would work for us.”

“Us” being my diabetic dad, my own plantar fasciitis, my wife’s pregnancy pains, and my sister’s frequent travel woes.

Would Pewox Socks really be the universal panacea that people claim it to be? Well, we’ll find out soon enough.


Did it help with my dad’s neuropathy?


To start, we ordered one pair of Doctor Sock Soothers and we were going to take turns using it.

My dad’s been complaining about foot pain for awhile now, even before he got diagnosed with diabetes. It’s not a lifestyle-ending diagnosis, but he definitely stays home more often than he’d like.

We had him try out the Pewox Socks for three days. Based on what I had read online, that would have been plenty of time to suss out its effectiveness. The morning after he put it on, he called me to tell me that his legs felt amazing. The pain was still there, but only slightly.

After the third day, I visited him and saw him outside doing yard work again. I was pretty surprised, and so was he. He didn’t want to give the Pewox Socks back, so I had no choice but to buy another one.

But things were looking promising.


What about my wife’s pregnancy swelling?


Originally, we were supposed to test my plantar fasciitis, but my wife confiscated the socks from me. And I mean, I’m not going to say no to my pregnant wife. Her legs HAD been looking pretty painful, especially around her ankles, so I helped her put them on each night before going to bed.

After several days, we found that the swelling in her legs had reduced considerably. She was much more comfortable walking around again, and her mood had improved by a ton.

I wanted to only do three days of testing again, but when I brought it up, she gave me the death stare. So another Pewox Socks was confiscated from me.


As for plantar fasciitis and whether or not it’d be a good plane hack…

Recognizing a pattern, I bought two Pewox Socks and just gave one to my sister. I figured that if I was going to be buying another pair of socks again anyways, I might as well just buy them up front.

So we tested it concurrently, though my sister’s test was definitely much shorter. She wore them on a roundtrip flight to Europe for a business trip.

“It was really great, I definitely felt way more comfortable and relaxed during and after the flight. It was also really good while in Europe. We did some sightseeing and a lot of walking and I felt like my legs were going to fall off. But I wore Pewox Socks to sleep each night and my feet felt good as new the very next day.”

As for me, I wore the Pewox Socks every night for a week.

I was really excited, but a part of me was skeptical. I really wanted these to work so I could be active again, but I just couldn't help but feel like it was going to disappoint me.

After the first day, I didn’t feel that much of a difference, and my optimism plummeted. I was about to call it quits, but I told myself I’d use it for at least three days. The second day showed some improvement, which made me really happy and hopeful again. And on the third day, it had done it. I was feeling awesome.

And come Saturday morning, I put on my tennis gear, and I was ready to play. My feet didn’t hurt at all and I felt like I had recovered a part of my youth.


20-30 mmHg vs. 15-20 mmHg

Pewox compression socks offer a higher level of graduated compression (20-30 mmHg) compared to other brands that typically offer only 15-20 mmHg. This higher compression level provides more effective support and promotes better circulation, leading to greater relief from leg fatigue and faster recovery.

Other brands may not offer the same level of support, potentially resulting in less effective relief and performance enhancement.


Final Thoughts

Pewox Socks work. I feel like I don’t have to say anything more beyond that as far as effectiveness is concerned. It just works.

But another factor that I haven’t mentioned at all yet is price. More than anything, I found them to be highly affordable and accessible.

When I read that these were adapted from an expensive military product, I was expecting to shell out a decent chunk of dough.

On top of that, with doctor’s visits, possible operations, medications, etc etc… trying to treat everyone’s problems would have cost thousands of dollars!

I ended up buying the Pewox 3-pack for a bulk discount so I could wear a fresh clean pair every night and I gave a few pairs away to some of my friends and family so they could try it out.

With nothing more to say, I highly highly recommend Pewox Abkle Compression Socks, especially if you have friends and loved ones who could need it. I sure don’t regret buying them for my loved ones, and I feel great knowing that I was able to bring smiles to their faces again.

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Written by Dr. Foster


Pewox Ankle Compression Socks!

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